Sushi Hub launches new plant-based range at new Post Office Square location

There is a lot going on for Sushi Hub now it’s open at a new location in Post Office Square where it has launched its new plant-based range of sushi options.

Sushi Hub has been a tenant of Post Office Square since 2019 but has used the refurbishment of the retail icon as the opportunity to move to larger premises and more central location within the centre.

“The location has changed but the quality of the food hasn’t, and we’re happy to get back to feeding our customers,” Sushi Hub’s Stewart White explained.

“Sushi Hub is not just about serving sushi, it’s about creating memorable experiences for our customers,” White said.

“We prioritise freshness, quality, and customer satisfaction in everything we do. From our unique sushi creations to our commitment to sustainability, there’s always something interesting happening at Sushi Hub that adds to the story of our brand.”

The Sushi Hub story is impressive by any standards having opened its first store in Sydney in 2006 and now boasting more than 160 stores nationally.

“Our customers love the range which includes vegetarian, plant-based options and lots of choices for those who don’t like seafood,” White continued. “They also love that we source ingredients locally and daily and that our food is not only healthy, but also delicious.”

The most popular dishes at Sushi Hub in Post Office Square are Crispy Chicken Maki Roll, Tuna Salad Maki Roll and Grilled Salmon Nigiri, while the range of platters – Grilled Seafood, Salmon Lover’s, Chicken Lover’s, Inside Out Maki Roll and Mini Maki – are also extremely popular.

White explained Sushi Hub chose Post Office Square to open in 2019 “Due to its prime location in the heart of the city, offering high foot traffic and visibility, making it an ideal spot to attract customers”.

“We have such a great atmosphere at the Post Office Square store with the convenient amenities it offers, enhancing our business operations and providing an enjoyable environment for both customers and employees.”

Sushi Hub in Post Office Square is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. You can even skip the queue by ordering online for easy pick up.