Mister Minit celebrates 41 years at Post Office Square

Roughly 21.6 million. Give or take a few thousand.

That’s how many minutes in 41 years.

And 41 years is how long Mister Minit has been operating in Post Office Square.

It’s an impressive milestone for one of the Brisbane CBD’s most iconic go-to service destinations for fast, convenient and reliable fixes for anything from shoes and watches to garage remotes and engraving.

Store owner Ian Clark said he/she was looking forward to a revamped fit out as part of the major refurbishment of Post Office Square in 2024.

“We love being in the city centre – right in the middle of everything,” Scott Smith, Area Manager said.

“People mostly come to us for shoe repairs and our laser engraving because we have lots of corporate gifts that can be personalised.

“We are really proud of the fact that we have built a solid base of regular customers who have been coming back to us ever since we opened in 1983.

“We are looking forward to our brand new store and will definitely be here for the long-term … hopefully another 41 years!”

Stilettos versus cobblestones: where Mister Minit began

Did you know that the origins of Mister Minit date back to Belgium in 1957?

That’s where Mister Minit was established, with the launch of its first ‘Heel Bar’ in a Brussels department store.

The stiletto heels that were the fashion of the day broke by the thousands on the cobblestone streets.

Problem. Market Demand. Solution. Mister Minit was born out of this tried-and-tested formula for business success.

The heel bar was such a novelty at the time that it drew a crowd of curious onlookers.

Police were needed to clear the people off the stairways overlooking the heel bar, which was almost forced to move out due to the commotion it caused.

Over half a century later, and 41 years at Brisbane’s Post Office Square, Mister Minit fixes more than 11 million problems annually, including shoe repairs, key cutting and duplication, garage remotes, engraving, watch repairs and knife sharpening.

Mister Minit Post Office Square is open Monday to Friday, 7am and 4pm.