Post Office Square’s bellissimo bakery bursting with Italian hospitality

Get to know Lena’s Bakehouse – the owners, the products, its heritage and culture – and it’s impossible not to be impressed.

More than just a CBD pitstop for a quick and easy coffee or snack, this place is memorable; it’s made an impact … on people working or passing through the bustling city centre, on the loyal band of repeat customers and on the retail environment at Post Office Square.

One of the longest-serving tenants of Post Office Square, Lena’s Bakehouse has been baking up daily batches of delicious, homemade sweet and savoury treats for an incredible 25 years.

Famous for quiches, traditional pies and sausage rolls baked fresh every day from original recipes, customers regularly rave about perfect steak and mushroom pies, those secret-recipe mushy peas and best-ever vegetable quiches.

Owners Peter and Lena Friscia know a thing or two about retail with more than 45 years’ experience between them.

The couple share a strong Italian heritage. They pride themselves on bringing a quality product with a mix of old-fashioned Australian favourites and Italian sweets and slices, as well as a level of customer service heavily influenced by the open-hearted essence of Italian hospitality.

Lena has previously managed restaurants in Far North Queensland, while Peter started out in food in his early 20s. Just like Lena, he has a solid 45-year career in retail which includes stints owning and managing pizza shops.

“We are proud Australians with strong Italian heritage roots,” Lena said. “We bring this wonderful mix of Aussie/Italian into everything we do with Lena’s Bakehouse – and people love it.”

Peter and Lena are looking forward to opening back up again in a newly fitted out premises in a kiosk location unveiled as part of a retail revamp at Post Office Square.

“We can’t wait to get back into our new store,” Peter said. “We are constantly getting messages from customers asking us to come back quickly.

“We are still doing orders via email and Facebook messenger keeping our customers happy – our product is still in such hot demand.”

Lena said: “We have been at Post Office Square for 25 years and would not think of going anywhere else. We love what the owners are proposing for the property. It’s going to be amazing with all the greenery, the wider malls and extra seating capacity.

“Post Office Square has always been our home.”

Lena’s Bakehouse trading hours are Monday to Friday, 6.30am to 4.30pm.