Nailed it: Post Office Square adds to growing tenancy mix

Slogging away in the city, grinding out that 9 to 5. Tapping away on that keyboard, stocking shelves, washing dishes or any other type of manual task; it all takes a heavy toll on your hands and, more importantly, your nails.

Did you know there’s a place right in the heart of Brisbane where you can treat your nails to some fast, professional and hygienic pampering – all in your lunchbreak?

Chanail Nailhouse has recently opened up a new tenancy in Post Office Square, an icon of Brisbane’s CBD retail landscape.

Chanail offers manicures, pedicures, BIAB (Builder Gel), shellac, SNS, French design, nail art as well as waxing and lash extensions.

“People come to us for quality outcomes,” Emmanuel said. “We stand behind our products and services and provide nails that last and look amazing.

“Our manicures and pedicures with shellac are most popular with our customers, along with acrylic nails and BIAB nails.”

Post Office Square is currently undergoing an impressive facelift and refurbishment, transforming it into one of the most exciting modern food and service retail locations in the CBD.

“We are most excited about the new energy and vibe for the centre,” Chanail Nailhouse owner Emmanuel said. “The centre is being reborn and I believe the redevelopment will entice more people here.

“We are here for the long-term, providing premium quality nail products, the best customer service and the peace of mind of having the highest hygiene standards in the industry.”