Bibimbap&Grill bringing full-flavoured, light calorie meals to the CBD

The Korean philosophy of “eating lightly” has been encapsulated by Bibimbap&Grill which understands this means light on calories but definitely not light on flavour, freshness or goodness.

Bibimbap&Grill, owner John Kim explained the secret to the deep flavours found in Korean food is “to season every single ingredient, including the rice”.

“Eating isn’t just about satisfying hunger,” John said. “It’s about nourishing your body with a balanced and nutritious meal for a happy, healthy life.

“When you choose light meals that are tasty and nutritious, you’re treating yourself to a delightful experience and giving your body the essential nutrients it needs.

“Light eating has many benefits like improving digestion, boosting energy levels and enhancing overall health.”

It was this philosophy which saw John open Bibimbap&Grill, haven previously run a cafe where he noticed customers were gaining weight because of the traditional, unhealthy options which were in demand.

“Initially, we were unsure how to blend Australian food culture with the Korean Bibimbap tradition,” he explained. “Now, we are dedicated to learning how to create dishes that are not only healthy, fresh, and delicious, but also cater to your preferences.”

Bibimbap Korean rice bowls include the very popular spicy pork belly and the crispy chilli chicken as well as the bulgogi (thinly sliced beef and veg), grilled soy chicken and hard and fried tofu.

The kimchi stir fried rice options include veggies, egg, avocado or chicken. For those who prefer a lower carb option, the rice can be switched out for salad choices.

The japchae Korean stir friend noodle range includes Japanese veggies, tofu, spicy pork belly and a range of chicken options.

There are also plenty of drink options, including some Korean alcoholic beverages including sweet rice punch, raspberry wine, the Korean margarita and the Soju margarita.

Bibimbap&Grill is open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 3pm.